Events April 2018

Welcome to SKZ - The First Day
Starting School is always a new and exciting experience for both the parents as well as the children. They can sometimes fell apprehensive about the change ahead. The entire staff welcomed fresh tiny faces on 2nd April 2018. The infants who were screeching and screaming when they separated from their parents, soon began to enjoy themselves playing with balloons and toys. An expression of relief and satisfaction was apparent on the faces of the parents while handing over their kids to the staff, for they believed that their tiny tots have started their way on to a bright future at SKZ.


Golden Words
An activity entitled "Let's Learn Golden Words" was conducted for the tiny tots of the Nursery class on 5th April 2018. Using various teaching aids such as colourful charts, flash cards, posters etc., the children were taught about different golden words like Thank you, Please, Excuse me, Sorry, You're welcome. Through this activity students were made aware of the importance of these golden words in our daily lives. It was a fun-filled and educative activity for the kids.
Observing World Health Day
Junk food and Healthy food keep clashing with each other over nutrients, calories and taste. Continuing with the endeavour to make students aware of the importance of health, The World Health Day was observed on 6th April 2018. Various activities were planned for the students to create interest and awareness towards the importance and benefits of eating healthy food and leading a healthy life style. The little tots were also asked to bring one of their favourite green vegetable for their lunch and were asked to share it with their friends. The day ended with the little ones learning and imbibing healthy eating habits and “Saying No to Junk Food.”


Welcome Party
It was Party Time in School, on 7th April 2018, when a "Welcome Party" was organized for the tiny tots of all grades. This Party was also an opportunity to help the kids get rid of shyness and make new friends. The children bought many eatables like french fries, bread rolls, muffins, chips, Frooti etc. The aim was to infuse among the tiny tots the importance of sharing. The children also displayed their talents like dancing, playing, singing, elocution, telling jokes, which decreased their hesitation and shyness and helped build up their confidence. The children enjoyed themselves a lot on this fun-filled day.

Rap Session
It was a fun filled session for the little angels of the Nursery and Prep classes in which the children displayed their oratory skills for a class activity "Rap on Money Rocks". The enjoyable Rap session was conducted on 7th April 2018. It was a day to search for budding orators. The confidence which the kids displayed was exemplary. The children were eager to participate and it was a delight to see them express their feelings as a Rapper. It was an interesting way to assess their intonation, clarity and pronunciation. The activity concluded with each child saying "Money Rocks."
Shape Recognition
The tiny tots of the Nursery class had a wonderful experience in identifying different shapes using audio-visual aids in an activity conducted on 11th April 2018. They were able to recognize and name shapes like the square, circle, rectangle and triangle. They drew each shape to the best of their ability. Children were excited to learn about the shapes that surround them in their daily lives.

Alphabet Recognition
To enhance the recognition skills and develop an interest towards the subject a fun activity was organized for the tiny tots of the Pre-nursery class on 12th April, entitled “Recognition of Alphabets”. The activity was conducted using big and colorful flash cards. The activity helped the students recognize each alphabet. The day ended with the children enhancing their recognition skills.


My Favourite Planet
The tiny tots of the Nursery and Prep classes participated in an oratory activity on 12th April 2018 in which they were required to speak a few lines on a Planet of their choice. The little ones spoke very well on different planets like Saturn, Mars, Venus Jupiter, Earth, etc. The teachers encouraged each and every child to speak. The little ones spoke with confidence and enthusiasm. It was a fun filled learning experience for the little ones which helped enhance their oratory and public speaking skills.

Celebrating Baisakhi
The students celebrated the festival of Baisakhi with immense enthusiasm on 13th April 2018. The purpose was to make the students aware about the historical background, and the significance and relevance of the festival. The celebrations started with a presentation by the students dressed up in ethnic attire highlighting the historical background of the festival in Punjab. A Punjabi dance was presented by the tiny tots. The small kids colourfully dressed participated whole heartedly in the Bhangra. Everyone wished each other "Happy Baisakhi".

Recognizing Alphabets
On 16th April 2018, the little ones participated in an engrossing activity on recognition of alphabets. The kids were acquainted with the basic education. A game was played using a puzzle. This activity measured the knowledge and grip of the kids of finding correct alphabet on command. The activity strengthened the root level of the kids and prepared them to the next level in education field.


Living And Non-Living Things
A thought provoking and interesting activity on Living and Non-living things was conducted for the Prep class on 17th April 2018. The children were eager to learn the characteristics and the reasons that separate Living and Non-living things. The differences between the two were elaborated by audio-visual aid and using a variety of objects.


The Peacock's Birthday Party
The Peacock is the National Bird of India. It is a symbol of grace, joy, beauty and love. To promote awareness about this beautiful bird the Peacock’s Birthday party was organized on 18th April 2018, for the little kids. The children came dressed beautifully as Peacocks and various other birds and animals and celebrated the Birthday with great zeal and enthusiasm. It was a colourful and joyful melange. The display boards too were decorated beautifully. The celebration refilled the kids with joy and enthusiasm.


Making a Crown
A Crown making activity was organised for the Pre-Nursery class on 26th April 2018. The children were asked to make a crown by pasting pieces of paper. The kids participated enthusiastically. It was a fascinating and an enjoyable activity. The activity enhanced their manual dexterity and produced a decorative end product.


Our Community Helpers
An educational activity on the importance of Community Helpers was conducted on 26th April 2018. The day was dedicated to our the people who help our Community. The children came to School dressed as Policemen, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, etc. They were excited to enact the roles of these important peopl. A feeling of thankfulness was imbibed in them, and the children were taught to respect these helper who play such an important part in our daily lives.


Paper Snakes
The tiny tots of were involved in a creative and fun filled activity of Making Paper Snakes on 27th April 2018. The paper snakes were made using paper plates. They children had a lot of fun while making and painting their snakes, and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.


16th Brem Dutt Memorial Inter School Competition 2018
Healthy competition inspires students to do their best. When students compete they become more inquisitive research independently and learn to work with each other. These abilities prepare children to face all future situations on 26th & 27th April 2018 the 16th Brem Dutt Memorial Inter School Competition was organized at Cambridge Foundation School. The competition conducted over two days saw participation of 35 Schools from all over Delhi. Nitika in the 3+ Category participated in the event Celestial Space showcasing the Planet Mercury and was awarded the 1st Prize, Yajot Sharma in the 4+ Category participated in the event Tap on the Rap and won the 3rd Prize, and mesmerized everyone with his performance.