Events April 2019

Welcome to SKZ - The First Day of A New Beginning
The beginning of new session is always an auspicious time. A time for new hope and renewed dreams. Excitement and enthusiasm was high among the students and there was an eagerness to meet their new friends. Sheila’s Kids Zone started the new Academic Session on 3rd April 2019 by welcoming the students. The students were embraced with a frolicsome atmosphere and they greeted their distinguished class teachers and new friends. The School was decked up and classrooms were decorated with colourful balloons. They all enjoyed warming up with the music session at School. The little ones were quite happy and enjoyed their first experience of the School.


Colours are not just meant to be delightful for our sight but they do play an important role of identification in our lives. Sorting of Colours activity was held on 4th April 2019 for the Nursery class. Forming the right concept at their age is a key to knowledge. Colour recognition skills are important to build during the early childhood. This educational activity was done with the help of different coloured shapes and charts. All the kids were very excited to learn about the concept of colours.


Alphabet Hunt
The tiny tots participated in an engrossing, enjoyable and synergistic activity named The Alphabet Hunt on 4th April 2019. The students played the game using cutout. The rules of the game were quite simple and easy. The teacher selected an alphabet of her choice and the students were asked to jump to the box having that alphabet, while the other tots identified the alphabet on chart/cutout. This activity helped the students to develop the ability of identification of alphabets. The children enthusiastically enjoyed the game.

Let's Talk About Food
Food is an essential part of our lives. Contributing to this fact, the tiny tots on presented their views and spoke about Healthy Food in an oratory activity on 5th April 2019. The kids had a great session explaining the importance of taking the right food in order to maintain good health. In this way, they were made aware of the benefits of Healthy Food.

The Tall and the Short
The Kids of the Prep class were thrilled to learn the concept of Tall and Short through an activity conducted on 8th April, 2019. They were excited to learn about comparing tall and short objects. This educational activity was done showing different objects and charts depicting some pictures related to Tall and Short objects. The little ones enthusiastically pointed out the Tall and Short objects. It was a fun filled learning experience for the kids.

Concept of Swar
An activity on Swar was conducted on 8th April 2019. The aim of the activity was to enable the children to be able to recognise Swar . The children were asked go recognise the Swar through flash cards. A smile could be seen on their faces when their class teacher congratulated them whenever they recognised the picture of the Swar with different flashcards. It was an informative activity for the kids.

Table Manners
An activity on Table manners was conducted on 9th April, 2019. The tiny tots of Nursery and Prep class were explained about various table manners and etiquettes. The kids were taught how to use the spoon and fork in the right manner. They were excited to learn new techniques of eating. The children place a mat on their desks and wore an apron and followed all instructions properly. The entire activity was under strict supervision of the class teachers.

Recognizing Numbers
An activity on Recognition of Numbers through flash cards was organised for the tiny tots of the Nursery class on 10th April, 2019. The kids were acquainted with the basic knowledge of recognising numbers. The activity was done using flash cards. The kids were encouraged to recognise different numbers.

Swar Recognition
A fun filled and interactive activity Recognition of Swars was organized for the tiny tots of the Prep class on 10th April, 2019. The activity was done using flash cards. Different flash cards were shown to the kids and they were asked to recognize it. All the children were eager to answer the questions asked by their teachers and enjoyed the activity thoroughly.

Welcome Party
The party mode was on as the School staff was all ready and set to welcome the newly added feathers to Sheila's Kids Zone on 12th April 2019 through a Welcome Party. All the kids participated in this party with great zest and zeal. The little sugar cups looked extremely magnificent as they all rocked in their party dress while dancing and singing to their favourite songs along with their fellow mates. The day ended with sparkles in their eyes and smile on their faces.

Baisakhi Celebrations
The portals of the School were ready with zeal and gusto for the Baisakhi celebration on 12th April 2019, as it marks the New Year and the Spring Harvest festival for the Sikhs. The little ones participated with full enthusiasm and looked very mesmerizing in their colourful Punjabi attire along with their respective class teachers. The kids were informed about the importance and significance of the festival. The little tots enjoyed themselves to the fullest as they danced on their favourite Punjabi songs. All together it was a day full of fun and enjoyment.

Talking About Parts of the Body
Our bodies are wonderful machines. They function like a clock and are a perfect proof of the miracle of nature. On 16th April, the toddlers of the Nursery class participated in an activity on Body parts. A setup using colourful charts and a live demo was created. The tiny tots learnt about the various parts of the body like ears, eyes, nose, legs, stomach etc., with great interest. The children spoke about a particular body part after the demonstration and explanation by the teacher.

Weaving A Story
Story Weaving is a wonderful technique that can lead children to discover the joy of literature and learning. Puppets can be used in any manner, anywhere, and anytime to bring stories to life and to spark off the young ones imagination. For the same purpose a short story The fox and the Stork was played out to the tiny tots on 16th April '19. The kids were encouraged to enact the story using voice modulations, facial expressions and actions. Puppets were used to add character and drama to the story. It helped them to understand mathematical concepts like long / short and colours. The kids enjoyed the story weaving session.

Purple Day
The Colour Purple has been associated with royalty, power and wealth. It is the highest colour in visible spectrum. To make the students aware of the Purple colour, a special Purple day was celebrated on 18th April '19. The students came dressed in all shades of Purple. They also brought purple coloured objects like toys, dolls, cars, and flowers and talked about them. It was a fun and frolic day for the little ones.

Alphabets in the Sand
On 15th April, 2019 an activity involving letter recognition with sand was organised for our little enthusiastic tots. The little sugar cups were excited and thrilled as they were asked by their respective teachers to make different alphabets with sand. The kids participated enthusiastically and enjoyed themselves while rolling their little fingers in sand and making different alphabets with it. They also tried to recognise different alphabets through this activity. It was a fun filled learning experience for the little ones.

Celebrating Earth Day
The Earth has enough to fulfill everyone's need. But it can never satisfy everyone's greed.
Everything in the world around us is built upon the Earth, grows on the Earth, or depends on the environment of the Earth in some way or the other. As we know this is the only planet where survival is possible so it becomes our duty to save Mother Earth. With the view of educating our little kids about what we have and what we are losing by acting in ways that are not environment friendly and reminding them that WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT OUR ENVIRONMENT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE, the School celebrated the Earth Day on 22nd April'19. The toddlers were dressed as Earth and different planets. Children were made aware that every day is an Earth Day and the purpose of celebrating Earth Day is to help keep our grass green and our skies blue with more trees and less pollution.

Alphabet Recognition - T
To enhance the recognition skills and develop an interest towards the subject, a fun activity for the tiny tots of the Nursery class was conducted on Recognition of the alphabet T through flash cards and a tearing pasting activity. The activity conducted on 23rd April helped children recognize items beginning with the alphabet T, tree, tomato, tortoise, table etc.. The written explanation and oral communication made the activity even more interesting and helped the children add new words to their vocabulary.

Alphabet Recognition
Alphabet Recognition is extremely important for kids to help them associate the right alphabet with the appropriate object. To assist the children in recognizing alphabets and common objects a recognition activity was organized on 25th April’19 for our little tots of the Nursery class. The little sugar cups were excited and participated enthusiastically in this activity. The activity was done using the Smartboard and the children were enthusiastic and interactive in recognizing the alphabet along with the object.


Celebrated the Season of Spring
The Spring season is the most pleasant season in India. Everything in the nature become active and feels new life on the earth. To mark the onset of spring season an, activity Joy of Spring season was conducted on 29th April 2019. The tiny tots came to School dressed as flowers, trees, birds and were looking very fascinating. The kids enjoyed and participated with great enthusiasm. The celebration refilled the kids with joy and excitement and love for nature.

Decorating The Hat
A hat decoration activity was organized on 30th April 2019 for the tiny toddlers of the Nursery Class. The enthusiastic little tots participated whole heartedly and were really excited as they pasted glitter and colourful stickers on the hat with the help of their respective class teachers. Besides decorating the hat, the children were also introduced to the alphabet H. The kids enjoyed themselves decorating the hat and learning a new alphabet.