Events August 2018

Clay Moulding
Clay Moulding is a great way to help children to develop imagination and spark activity. In our efforts to impart the highest quality of education to our students, a Clay Moulding activity was conducted on 1st August 2018 for the Pre-Nursery Class, The little ones made their own beautiful shapes, trees, huts, Sun, healthy food & junk food & displayed them with pride. The motive of this activity was to stimulate their creativity and give it purpose. The activity also helped enhance their eye-hand coordination, colour recognition, fine motor skills & problem solving skills. The children participated in the activity with joy and enthusiasm.

Traffic Safety Rules
Keeping the kids safe all the time can be tricky when you cannot be with them always. Children do not have the maturity to know what to do and what not to do, when they are on the road. Without adult’s supervision and proper knowledge of road safety rules, children put themselves at risk. The tiny tots of the Prep class participated in “Traffic Rules” activity which was conducted on 2nd August 2018. The children were explained different traffic rules as well as different safety measures to reduce the risk on road. They were also explained the meaning & importance of the different colour of the traffic lights; Red light means Stop, Yellow light means Wait, Green light means Go. It was a meaningful activity, which helped children to learn and understand different traffic rules.

Friendship Day Activity
A fun-filled activity of making Friendship bands was conducted on 3rd Aug’18, on the occasion of Friendship Day which is on 5th August. The little angels of the Pre-Nursery & Nursery classes made beautiful bands on the occasion of Friendship Day. They made shiny, glittery, colorful bands for their teachers & their friends. The children tied those bands on their friend’s wrists & exchanged sweets. The celebration culminated with inspiring thoughts. True friendship is one of the God’s greatest gifts.


Cultural and National Festivals
India is well known all over the world as a country of vivid cultural & national festivals. It is a country full of different kinds of religious, languages, cultures and castes. Festivals and cultural events are always being celebrated in the country in one region or another. The toddlers were informed about the different kinds of Cultural & National festivals in an activity conducted on 6th August 2018. The children were told about the various Religious celebrations such as, Diwali, Rakhi, Christmas, Eid, Gurupurab etc. and that some of the festivals are celebrated all over the country and others by people of a particular religion. The children were also told about the National festivals, Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti etc. It was a day of learning about our Country's rich cultural heritage.


Our Body Parts and their Functions
An interesting activity on identification and learning about Body Parts was conducted for the Pre-Nursery students on 7th August. Using various teaching aids such as flash cards, colourful chart, posters etc., the children were taught about different body parts and their functions like eye for sight, ears for hearing, nose for smell, etc. This activity made students aware of the importance of our body parts and the functions they perform. The students were able to identify the correct function with the associated body part.


Our National Symbols
The National Symbols of India represent our Nation’s image and have been selected very carefully. They trace the history and evolution of India. The kids participated in an educational activity on 10th August’18, in which they learnt about India’s National Symbols with the help of charts, cut-outs etc. The National Flag - Tiranga – a symbol of freedom, National Flower - Lotus- which symbolizes Purity, National Game –Hockey, National Fruit –Mango etc. The children learnt about the National Symbols of India and shared the pride of being Indian.


Our Freedom Fighters
An educational activity on India’s Freedom Fighters was conducted on 13th Aug’18. It was a day dedicated to all our freedom fighters, who sacrificed their lives for our Nation. The children were informed about how they gave their lives so that India becomes free. The activity was conducted with the help snapshots and colourful charts. The little ones listened attentively to the inspiring stories about our freedom fighters.


Celebrating Independence Day
With the advent of the month of August, all of us are filled with patriotism and enthusiasm to express the feeling of unity and secularism in the celebration of our Independence Day. A special assembly was conducted where all the little tots were beautifully dressed in the tri-coloured theme. The School In-charge addressed the tiny tots on this occasion. This was followed by flag hosting and the National anthem. A few students were dressed like freedom fighters, spoke a few lines about them. The students then presented a captivating dance sequence on patriotic songs. It was a rich learning experience for all the students. Towards the end children sang patriotic songs, and flaunted their beautiful flag badges and their tri-coloured kites on their way home.


Animal Homes
Every living organism that respires and grows needs food to eat and a shelter to live in. An activity to make the kids aware of the houses that animals live in was organized on 16th August 2018. Different charts of animal homes were displayed for effective learning. The homes of animals like Den, Kennels, Stables, Shed, Burrow were shown to the children. They were thrilled to learn about the animals and their homes and it proved out to be an exciting activity for them.


Eid Celebrations
Eid-ul-Zuha also referred to as Eid-Al Adha or Bakrid is one of the biggest festivals of the Muslims. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour throughout the country. The children celebrated this pure festival on 22nd August 2018. The little tots wished Eid Mubarak to everyone and hugged each other. They learnt the value of love, brotherhood and sympathy through this celebration.


Rakhi Making Activity
A fun filled and creative activity of making Rakhis was conducted on 23rd August 2018, for the little angels of the Nursery and Prep Classes. The little ones made beautiful Rakhis on the occasion of the forthcoming Raksha Bandhan. They made big shiny Rakhis and further decorated them with mirrors, glitters, stickers and beads, under the watchful eye of their Class teachers. Through this activity the children were taught about the significance of the festival of Raksha Bandhan. The students enjoyed this activity immensely.


Celebrating Raksha Bandhan
Raksha Bandhan, the festival symbolizing the bond of love between a brother and a sister was celebrated by all on 24th August 2018. The golden thread of the Rakhi is the bond of love between brothers and sisters was taught and shown by live examples to the students. The festival was celebrated with joy, fervour and was enjoyed by the students to the fullest. Tying Rakhis to boys is a wonderful way of expressing warmth and love by the sisters. The boys in return gave chocolates and small gifts to the girls. Raksha Bandhan was celebrated with love and loads of enthusiasm by the children.


Recognition of
An activity on "Recognition of " using flash cards was organized for the little ones of the Nursery Class on 28th August 2018. Different flash cards of were shown to them for effective learning and they were asked to recognize it. The children were very interactive and they enjoyed the entire activity.


Matki Decoration
With the excitement of the festive season in the air, all the students participated enthusiastically in the Matki Decoration activity on 30th Aug 2018. The children really showed their creative skills to make their Matki look special, colourful and attractive. Various materials were used to decorate the Matki’s like – beads, glitters, ribbons, mirrors etc. It was indeed a fun filled and an engrossing activity. The children happily showcased their master pieces which left everyone spell bound.


Celebrating Janamashtami
On 31st August 2018 the School portals turned into a mini Vrindavan, as our little tots came dressed as Little Krishna, Radha, Gopis and Sudama. A special assembly commenced with a hymn dedicated to Lord Krishna. The celebrations brought awareness amongst the children about traditional customs while enjoying the pranks of Lord Krishna. The significance of the “Dahi Handi” was also explained to them. The little tots won the hearts of all by enacting various roles of Shri Krishna from childhood as Natkhat Bansidharan Makhan chor playing the flute to stealing a bowl of butter and sharing it with his with friends.