Events December 2018

He and She
An activity on Difference between He and She, was conducted for the tiny tots of the Nursery class on 3rd December 2018 with great enthusiasm. Different toys and charts were shown to the little ones for effective learning and they were asked to recognize the differences. The children were very interactive and participated eagerly in the activity.


Tug O War
An enthralling and exciting activity took place for the little ones on 4th Dec 2018. The Tug - O - War activity began with great zeal and enthusiasm amongst the young toddlers, when the little feet stepped into the arena. It was a treat to watch them pulling the rope towards their side. A fun filled day ended with an enriching exercise for the little ones.


Poem Enactment Old McDonald Had A Farm
Enacting a poem in a great and a fun way to consolidate learning keeping this in mind, the children of the Prep Class enacted the poem Old McDonald Had a Farm, on 5th Dec 2018. The kids looked very cute as they came dressed as pig, cow, horse, etc. All the kids enacted and recited the poem. The kids enjoyed themselves and participated enthusiastically.


Pink Colour Day
The Pink colour was introduced to our little minds of the Pre-Nursery class on 7th Dec 2018. Our little tots came to School dressed in pink dresses. All pink things were displayed for our little ones like; toys, dresses, a butterfly etc. The day ended with kids identifying the colour around the School.


My Birthday
An interesting and engrossing Oratory activity, Speak A Few Lines About Your Birthday was conducted for the tiny tots of the Prep Class on 7th December, 2018. The children spoke about their respective birthdays and they were very excited while speaking, as they wanted to share everything that they did or plan to do on their birthday, with their friends. The children enjoyed this activity and participated with great enthusiasm. The best orators were awarded with Certificates.


Mickey Mouse
Enactment of stories and poems have a positive influence on children. It helps in the cognitive development of the child. The children of the Nursery Class presented an enactment of the English rhyme Mickey Mouse. The children spoke with confidence and their colourful costumes enhanced their performance. The children participated in the activity with enthusiasm and surprised all with their energetic presentations.


Learning About Tools
Whether you're at home or out, it's nice to be surrounded by the stuff that makes your life easier. The activity entitled "Learn about Different Tools" was conducted for the tiny tots of the Nursery Class on 11th December 2018. Different tools like scissor, screwdriver, hammer etc. were shown to them. The kids were explained the importance of tools in our daily life through charts. The kids were giving positive response to the questions asked by their teachers. The children were very enthusiastic in this activity.


Learning About Animal Sounds
An activity on Sounds of different animals was conducted with the kids of Prep class on 12th Dec 2018. The children were shown a video in which they heard the sound of different animals. Teachers also told them about the sounds made by animals. Every child was curious to learn more about the different sounds. It was a totally fun filled activity as the all kids were eagerly mimicking the sounds.


My Best Friend
It was a fun-filled learning experience for the little angles when they displayed their oratory skills for a class activity and Spoke a few lines on their Best Friend, on 14th Dec’18. It was a day to search for budding orators. The confidence which the kids showed was inspiring. The children were ecstatic to participate and it was heart warming view to see them express their feelings for their best friend. The activity conducted with each child saying “My Best Friend is the Best” and I love my friend very much.


Paper Flowers
A creative activity was organized on 14th Dec’18 for the Pre-Nursery Class. The little tiny tots made beautiful flowers with the help of colourful papers. The activity helped the children to develop their fine motor skills and also their creative and aesthetic sense. All the students participated in this activity with enthusiasm.


Christmas Tree Decoration
Another enthralling and exciting activity was organized for the little budding artistic tots - Decorating A Christmas Tree, on 18th Dec 2018. The endearing kids accomplished this amazing group activity by hanging different things on their Christmas Tree. The teacher also assisted them in making this activity thoroughly enjoyable. It was a pleasure to see their confidence and concentration while hanging things on Christmas tree. The zesty kids flaunted their craftsmanship after conclusion of the activity.


Cotton Snowman
The tiny tots of were involved in a fun filled activity of Pasting Cotton on a cutout of a Snowman on 19th Dec 2018. It was a joy to watch the tiny tots find the perfect spots to paste their cotton. The kids loved the pasting activity and the Snowman was looked awesome after completing. The kids enjoyed themselves and had a great fun in making the snowman.


Christmas Celebrations
Christmas is a time to give and forgive. Celebrated everywhere as a joyous family affair, the School celebrated Christmas as a happy time for our children on 21st Dec 2018. The tiny tots came beautifully dressed with bright and colourful bells, stars and Santa. Not to forget our handmade Christmas tree which our tiny tots decorated beautifully. The Christmas tree changed the premises into a mini fairy land. Melodious Carols created a very serene atmosphere. Greetings for Christmas and the New Year were conveyed in the form of dance. It was a very exciting day for our tiny tots. The entire campus wore a festive look the gentle swaying of bunting the chiming of the bells and the Santa Claus cut out all added to the festivities. The programme concluded with an exceptional Hip Hop dance. The celebrations ended with the students enjoying and partying.