Events February 2019

Recognizing Vowels
To enhance recognition skills and develop an interest towards the subject, an revision activity on Vowel Sounds (a,e,i,o,u) was organised for the tiny tots of the Prep class on 4.2.19. The activity was conducted using colourful charts. The activity helped the students to revise words of each vowel sound i.e. a, e, i, o, and u. All the students were eager to answer the correct words associated with the respective vowel sounds, when the teacher displayed the chart. The students enjoyed this activity thoroughly.


Speaking About My Favourite Cartoon Character
Keeping in view the importance of Scholastic and Co-scholastic activities for the all round development of the child, a fun filled activity on Speaking on my Favourite Cartoon Character was organized for the children of the Prep Class on 5-2-2019. The children came dressed in colourful costumes of their cartoons and spoke about them. Kaavyansh Dhankani portrayed Spiderman, Daywansh Sharma came dressed as Chota Bheem, Shivaansh Bhutani as Doraemon and several others. Certificates were awarded to all the participating students.


Learning About Insects
To make the tiny tots get acquainted with the concept of different kinds of Insects. An engrossing activity was conducted on 4th February 2019. The little tots of Nursery participated very enthusiastically in this activity. They were encouraged to identify and recognize different kinds of Insects through colourful charts, picture books etc.


Rhyme Recitation
On 6th February, 2019 a Hindi/English Rhyme Recitation activity was organised for the Prep class students. The children recited different English/Hindi rhymes that they had learnt in the class with enthusiasm and zeal. Such activities help to build the overall development like confidence building, overcoming stage fear, personality development etc. It also helped children correct their pronunciation and gain a better understanding of the language. The young toddlers had a great day and were awarded with certificates for their efforts.


Celebrating Rose Day
The School celebrated Rose Day on 7th Febí19 with great enthusiasm. Children brought red roses for their friends and teachers. The teachers welcomed them and gave them a warm hug. The kids were told about the significance of Rose Day. The day was full of fun, frolic and happiness.


Celebrating Basant Panchami
The School celebrated Basant Panchami on 8th Feb'19, the auspicious Hindu festival, which marks the end of winter season and the onset of spring season. The celebrations commenced with the Saraswati Vandana, invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati for seeking knowledge and a prosperous life. This was followed by a dance on the song -"He Sharde Maa" and a group action song -"Aaya Basant". The students were dressed up as Yellow coloured flower and Goddess Saraswati and offered floral prayers to Maa Saraswati. Students also brought yellow coloured food in their tiffin boxes and enjoyed the celebration.


Enactment - Traffic Lights
Enactments help the mental development of children are a great methodology for learning. An activity on enactment of the rhyme "Traffic Light" was conducted for the children of the Prep Class on 13th Feb 2019. The activity began with great zeal and enthusiasm among the young toddlers. All the kids were dressed as Traffic Lights in colourful costumes. Different props were used by the teachers to make enactment session more exciting. The kids were interactive and they enjoyed the entire activity.


My Favourite Toy
An Activity on speaking about your Favourite Toy was conducted for the tiny tots of the Nursery Class on 13th Febí19. The children spoke about their favourite toy which they had brought with them, with much excitement. The little ones enjoyed this activity and participated with great enthusiasm. Such activities help the children in their overall development like confidence building personality development and overcoming stage fright etc. the best orators were awarded with the certificates.


Reading the Picture
To enhance reading skills and develop an interest towards the subject, zn activity on Picture Reading was organized for the tiny tots of the Prep Class on 14th Feb 2019. The activity was conducted with using different pictures books. The activity helped the students read all the words, sentences and the articles associated with it. All the children were eager to read the words and sentences. The children were very attentive and enjoyed the entire activity.


Let's Talk About Birds
It was a fun-filled learning experience for the little angels when they displayed their oratory skills in a class activity Speak About Birds. The children were eager to speak and they were also informed about the different kinds of birds. The colour costumes added immensely to their performances. The activity helped the children in becoming confident speakers and also enhancing the knowledge about nature.


How Animals Live
Every living organism that respires and grows needs food to eat and a shelter to live in. An activity to make the kids aware of the houses and places that animals live in was organized on 19 Feb 2019. Different charts of various Animal Homes were displayed for effective learning. The homes of animals like Lion - Den, Dogs - Kennels, Horses - Stables, Cows - Shed, Rabbits - Burrow were shown to the children. They were thrilled to learn about the animals and their homes and it proved out to be an exciting activity for them.


An activity about different seasons was conducted for the Prep Class on 20th Feb 2019, to teach them the different changes in seasons by using various teaching aids/tools such as colourful charts, posters etc. The children were introduced to various things that we see, we use, we feel in different seasons such as fog in winter, flowers blossom in spring etc. They were told about different fruits and vegetables and clothes of the respective seasons. It's was indeed a very educational and exciting activity.


Graduation Day
The Graduation Day of Sheila's Kids Zone was celebrated on 23rd Febí2019. The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The show commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by Ms. Meena Malik, followed by her address to the parents. The programme began with a welcome song. This was followed by a spectacular choir and a melodious Qawwali. The children presented a short play on Alladin. The ceremony concluded with the grand finale. Each event was immensely appreciated by all the parents.