Events July 2018

Welcome Back
Coming back to School after a long vacation is always a new and exciting experience for the both parents as well as children. They can sometimes feel apprehensive about the changes ahead. The teachers aimed to make the transition as smooth and as positive for all involved. The entire staff welcomed the tiny tots on the 2nd July 2018. The infants were screeching and screaming when they were dropped by their parents, but in a very short span of time were seen amusing themselves and playing with the balloons with which the entire school was decorated. The students shared their experience of how they spent their summer vacations, and what places they visited and what they saw, with their class teachers.


Conserving Water
Water Conservation involves the policies, strategies and activities to manage fresh water environment and to meet current and future human demand. On 3rd July 2018, a Water Conservation activity was conducted for the little ones. The kids were told about the importance of water in their lives. Teachers a gave message to the tiny tots “Do Not Waste Water”. The children were informed that Water is one of the most important aspects of life. The activity involved explaining to the children various ways in which water can be saved and how waste water can be re-utilized.


Road Safety
We all know that we need safety both inside as well as outside the classrooms and our home. On 4th July 2018, the children were explained about the importance of Road Safety. The kids were taught about the rules that they should keep in mind while they are on the road. They were very curious to learn about all the rules and regulations of traffic and got knowledge of as to how they can take precautions while on the road. They were also explained about the 3 Lights – Red – Stop, Green – Go, Yellow – Wait.

Healthy Habits - Making a Salad
The kids of the Nursery class, participated in fun filled Salad Making activity on 5th July 2018. The event was planned to develop healthy eating habits among children. The salad was prepared with the variety of vegetables like:- sprouts, potatoes, cucumbers etc. With the help of their respective teachers the kids prepared the tasty, tempting and nutritious salad and gave it a mouthwatering presentation. All the children relished the salad. The tiny tots not only enjoyed the taste but also learnt to appreciate variety of flavours, colours, shapes & size of various vegetables.


English Recitation Competition
An English Recitation competition was organized for the students of the Nursery class on 11th July 2018. The students participated with enthusiasm and zeal. They recited different rhymes with actions. These activity helps the children to be confident speaker on stage, which boosts their language skills and confidence. The young toddlers had a great day and were appreciated and awarded with certificates for their efforts.


Hindi Rhyme Enactment
Enacting rhymes has a positive influence on children. It helps in the cognitive development of the child. It transforms complex learning into a simpler form. A Rhyme Enactment activity was organized for the students of the Nursery class on 13th July 2018. The rhyme enactment was on “Billi Maussi”. The tiny toddlers enjoyed themselves throughout the activity. Till the end of the session children were delighted and clearly understood the moral of the rhyme.


Learning About Vyanjan
An activity introducing of Vyanjan (Hindi Consonants) using Flash cards was conducted on 17th July 2018. The kids were taught about the sounds and formation of Vyanjan. The children spoke out the phonetic sounds of the consonants, helping them build confidence. The children were energetic and enthusiastic during the session and were eagerly pronouncing the correct Vyanjan, when the teacher held out a flash card. They enjoyed the fun-filled session.


Visit to Domino's
The kids were in for a special treat on 20th July 2018. An excursion was organized for them to Domino’s Pizza outlet at Rajouri Garden. The children saw first-hand how a Pizaa prepared. The children observed with keen interest as the Chef prepared the Pizza. The kids were in for a bigger surprise when they asked to prepare their own Pizzas, flipping the dough, spreading the sauce, and adding the cheese and toppings. After all the hard work the children were treated to portions of Garlic bread and Pizza slices which they relished. All the kids enjoyed the fun filled outing.


Making a Caterpillar
Children love to learn about new animals and creatures that they see around themselves. The children were introduced to the Caterpillar in a craft activity conducted on 20th July 2018. The children created a Caterpillar, using green pastel sheets, thermocol balls and googly eyes. The children curiously and excitedly made the Caterpillar with the assistance of their teacher. It was an enjoyable activity and the children had a great time decorating the creature.


Story Dramatization
Story dramatization is a great way to cement learning. The children had an engrossing session of the dramatization and enactment of the story The Crow and The Swan on 18th July 2018. The teachers played out the story using stick puppets and toddlers were listened with keen attention. The moral of the story was explained to them and they enthusiastically reacted to it by asking questions. The different manner of story narration was enjoyed by all the kids.