Events July 2019

Alphabet & Vowel Recognition
On 8th July 2019, an activity entitled Word Family Reading With A Spoon, was organised for our little enthusiastic tots. The little sugar cups were excited and thrilled as they were asked by their respective teachers to read the words written on the spoons put them in the correct matching vowel sound letter cup. This activity helped them in enhancing their recognition, reading and sorting skills. The kids participated enthusiastically and enjoyed while rolling their little fingers in the cup and spoons. It was a fun filled learning experience for the kids.


Hindi Recitation - मेरी साइकिल
A Hindi Recitation activity was conducted for the little ones of the Nursery class. The students were full of enthusiasm to recite their favourite rhyme - मेरी साइकिल. This activity was conducted to improve expressions, confidence and vocabulary. It was fun and frolic for the students. The day ended with applauds of teachers and peers for the young orators. Certificates were awarded to the deserving candidates.

Story Time
An engrossing Story Telling session for the alphabet A was conducted for the Nursery kids on 9th July'19. The session aimed to develop their grasping power and to enhance their vocabulary. The kids showed a keen interest by observing all the words and pictures beginning with A. The story was narrated using charts flash cards. The children really enjoyed this informative and knowledgeable activity.

The Mickey Mouse Face
An activity of making Mickey Mouse’s face using a CD was conducted for the Nursery class on 12th July 2019. Mickey Mouse is the favourite cartoon character of all the children. They anxiously watch Mickey Mouse cartoons on the Disney channel. The activity was done using old CDs, and black and white pastel sheets. It was done with the help of the teachers. The kids enthusiastically participated in this activity and enjoyed themselves making the object.

My Best Friend
It was a fun filled learning experience for the little angels when they displayed their oratory skills for a class activity and spoke about their Best Friend on 12th July 2019. It was a day to search for budding orators. The confidence which the kids showed was inspiring. The children were ecstatic to participate and it was heart-warming to see them express their feeling for their best friend. The activity was conducted with each child saying "My best friend’s name is ........ , I shared my lunch box with my friend, I like to play with my friend…..” The best orators were awarded with Certificates.

Bathroom Articles
An activity on various objects used in the bathroom was conducted on 15th July 2019, to make kids aware about them. The teachers introduced different objects like soap, towel, toothpaste, toothbrush etc. The children were encouraged to identify and recognize the different objects. They were interactive and enjoyed the entire activity.

The Tall and the Short
The kids of the Nursery class were thrilled to learn the concept of Tall and Short through an activity conducted on 16th July 2019.They were excited to learn about comparing tall and short objects. This activity was done showing different objects and charts depicting some pictures related to tall and short objects. The little ones enthusiastically pointed out the tall and short objects. It was a fun filled learning experience for the kids.

My Favourite Animal
An activity was conducted on "Speaking about My Favourite Animal" on 19th July 2019 for the Nursery class toddlers. The motive behind conducting the activity was to overcome stage fear and improve speaking skills of our toddlers. The children came dressed as their favourite animal like the Tiger, the Monkey, the Bear, the Lion etc. and took the activity to the next level. The children were full of enthusiasm and joy and spoke very confidently including making animal noises. The day was full of fun and frolic. Certificates were awarded to the deserving candidates.

Craft Activity - Paper Octopus
Creativity does not need a perfectionist. The tiny tots of the Prep class made a Paper Octopus 19th July, 2019. It was a new concept for the kids to make an Octopus using paper in a creative way. The kids were surprised to see this transformation of paper into a beautiful creation. The activity also set a new example for the tiny tots that, demonstrating how a piece of paper can be given a productive end.

The Importance of Water
On 22nd July an activity on the importance of Water was conducted for the Nursery class students to inform them on how to save water. This activity was done using a chart and a live demonstration by the teachers. In the live demonstration, the teachers used a dispenser and a bowl showing how to save water. The children curiously and minutely watched the process. There were many queries related to wastage and usage of water which were answered by the teachers. It was an informative activity with the active participation of all the children.

Rhyme Enactment - The Seven Pet Hens
Enacting the rhymes is a sort of a drama using hand and facial expressions which boosts self confidence among children. The children of the Prep Class participated enthusiastically in enacting the Rhyme – Seven Pet Hens on 22nd July,2019. The excitement was clearly visible in each child. The confidence with which our young ones enacted and recited the poem was exemplary. The event ended with the students receiving appreciation from their class teachers.

Making a Nest
On 23rd July, a group activity on making a Nest was organized for the Nursery class toddlers. The purpose of this activity was to make kids aware of homes of the birds, and recognition of the letter N. The activity was done by making bird’s nest using broom sticks, fevicol etc. The children enjoyed the activity helped make the nest enthusiastically.

Story Telling Time
A Story Telling activity with importance on the letter M was conducted on 25th July 2019. The aim for conducting this activity was to enhance the vocabulary of the kids and introduce new word like mango, mouse, milk man, mug, mirror, monkey etc. The children showed keen interest by observing the M letter words with the associated picture. The activity was conducted using flash cards and charts depicting the picture related to the story. The children enjoyed the story telling activity and were able to learn new words as well.

Healthy Habits - Let's make a Salad
Salads form a very important part of our daily diet. To explain the importance to the Prep kids a fun filled Salad Making activity was conducted on 26th July 2019. The kids participated in making a salad with the help of their teachers. The salad was prepared with variety of fruits and vegetables like sprouts, tomatoes, apples, cucumbers etc. The Teachers cut all the vegetables and fruits and helped the children prepare a tasty, healthy and tempting salad with a beautiful presentation. All the children enjoyed making and relishing the salad. The tiny tots learnt the importance of fruits and vegetables. The activity also enhanced their learning of colours, shapes, sizes and recognizing fruits and vegetables.


Rhyme Recitation
Rhymes are a beautiful way to express something through innocent words and actions in a melody with all smiles and giggles. This is what our all tiny tots of the Prep Class prep did on 29th July 2019 with all their confidence and enthusiasm to stand in front of everybody and say it loudly to mark their presence felt. They children recited an English or Hindi rhyme of their choice. This activity was conducted to improve their expression and confidence. The effort of every child was commendable. The activity concluded with the students receiving appreciation certificates from their Class teacher. The activity was well conducted and the performance of tiny tots was splendid.

Is It Equal?
An activity on the concept of Equal (=) using real objects was organized for the tiny tots of the Prep class on 31st July ’19 with great enthusiasm and energy. The activity was conducted using objects like pencils, erasers, books, water bottles for effective learning and the kids were asked as to whether the items shown are equal or different. The children were very interactive. It was a fun filled learning experience for the kids and they enjoyed the entire activity.

Talent Hunt
Talent is the ability a person develops in himself to perform with efficiency. Everyone has some talent, what's rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads "To keep ahead". Each of us, must learn better methods, add knowledge and upgrade skills constantly. The School has been providing various opportunities to students to bring out their inherent talents thereby enabling them to give a good account of themselves in realms of academics and curricular activities. The kids showcased their talent in a Talent Hunt activity conducted on 31.7.19 with full zest. The children performed songs, dances, reciting devotional mantras, etc. Their efforts were praise worthy. Certificates of appreciation were awarded to the deserving participants.