Events May 2019

Recognizing Fruits
Fruits are delicious and nutritious and an essential part of our daily diet, keeping us fit and healthy. Keeping this in mind, an activity on Recognizing Fruits was organized for the buttercups of the Nursery Class on 1st May’19. The enthusiastic little sugar cups looked yumilicious as they came dressed in costumes of different kinds of fruits of their choice. Through this activity the budding learners tried to recognise different fruits as well as they were also told about the benefits of eating fruits and staying healthy. Overall the day was marked by a promise of eating healthy food and lots of fruits.


Jump To The Shape
To enhance mathematical skills and develop and interest towards the subject a fun filled activity Jump on Different Shapes was organized for the tiny tots on 2nd May’19. The activity was played with children jumping on big colourful shape cut-outs of circles, squares, rectangles, triangles. Verbal communication made this activity really fun-filled and interesting for young ones. This activity helped the students to apply their mathematical skills and recognize the correct shape and jump on it. They were also encouraged to identify shapes in real life. The kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Learning About स्वर
An activity on Matching स्वर with their pictures was organized for the tiny tots of the Prep Class on 2nd May, 2019 with great enthusiasm. The activity was done through a chart for effective learning and the kids were asked to match the स्वर with the associated pictures. The children were very interactive. It was fun filled learning experience for the kids and they enjoyed the entire activity.

Celebrating Tiger's Birthday
The Tiger is the national animal of India. Tiger is a combination of grace, strength, agility and enormous power. To promote awareness about this vigilant animal, the Tiger's birthday party was organized on 3rd May'19 for the little skz'ians. The children came dressed as Tiger and various other animals and celebrated the birthday with great enthusiasm. It was a joyful and colourful mélange. The walls of the School were decorated beautifully for this ocassion.The celebration was full of fun and frolic.

Number Game
On 7th May 2019, a Number Recognition activity was organised for the students of Prep Class. This activity was based on comprehending the basic knowledge of numbers. The students were given a puzzle to solve in which they need to assemble the counting of numbers. This activity helped the students in recognizing and arranging the numbers and also developing the ability to understand the concept of what comes after and what comes before. The kids enjoyed the game thoroughly.

Alphabet Recognition - Story Telling
An activity on the alphabets E and F was held on 8th May 2019. The aim of this activity was to develop their grasping power and to enhance their vocabulary. They showed keen interest by observing the letters E and F and related vocabulary words with pictures in the form of a story. The teachers and the class applauded whenever a letter was recognized. The children really enjoyed informative and knowledgeable activity.