Events October 2018

Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti
The 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi was celebrated with great zest and fervour on 1st October 2018. A special assembly was conducted to cherish the values of Peace and Ahimsa as educated by the Father of Nation. The kids came dressed as freedom fighters; Mahatma Gandhi, Kasturba Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Jhansi ki Rani etc. And they looked stunning in their outfits. The celebration further culminated in enactment of the Peace March Dandi March in which all the students took part.


Is it One or Is it Many
The kids of the Nursery class were thrilled to learn about the concept of One and Many through an activity conducted on 3rd Octí18. This educational activity was done with the help of different objects and charts which depicted some picture related to one and many objects. The children enthusiastically pointed out the one and many objects. It was a fun-filled learning experience for the kids.


Society's Helpers
An activity on Society Helpers was conducted on 5th Oct 18. It was a day dedicated to our society helpers. The children were excited to dress up as policemen, doctors, and nurses etc. They seemed most excited to perform role plays based on their attire. This activity improved moral values and helped the children understand the importance of all the helpers in the society.


Means of Transport
An activity about different Means of Transport was conducted for the Prep class prep 6th Oct 18. The main aim was to teach and make the students aware about the different modes of transport in our life. They were taught to distinguish between land, water and air transport by using various teaching aids such as charts and models. The kids not only gained knowledge of various transport and their means but also learnt some rules to be followed while using these transports.


Is it This or That ?
The kids of the Prep class were thrilled to learn the concept of This and That through an activity conducted on 9th Oct,18. They were eager to learn about this concept. The educational activity was conducted with the help of different charts which depicted images of This and That. The children enthusiastically pointed out the sentences. It was a fun filled learning experience for the kids.


Celebrating Durga Ashtami
The entire School was decked up with the colours of festivity as the festival of Durga Ashtami was celeberated with joy and reverence on 17th Oct 2018. The girls came dressed as Maa Durga. A Special Assembly commenced with the puja and offering of flowers to Maa Durga and devotional prayers were sung in her respect.


Dussehra Celebrations
The popular festival of Dusshera was celebrated with great verve, zeal and enthusiasm on 18th October 2018. The children came dressed portraying various characters of the Ramayan; Lord Rama, Lakshman , Mata Sita, Ravana and Hanuman. The children cheered and clapped as fire crackers burst entwined around the effigy of Ravana. This festival brought awareness among the children about traditional customs and importance of the festival along with the message of Victory of Good Over Evil. It was a day to be remembered by all.


Five Little Soldiers
Enacting a Poem is a great and a fun way to consolidate learning. Keeping this in mind, the Poem Five Littel Soldiers was enacted on 25th Oct. 2018 for the little angels of the Nursery class. The kids looked very cute as they came dressed in uniforms and camouflage. All the kid soldiers enacted and recited the poem along with their respective teachers. The kids enjoyed themselves and participated enthusiastically.


Making a Hut
The children of the Prep Class learnt how to make a Hut in an engrossing and interesting Craft activity on 26th Cotober 2018. The children were asked to make a colourful Hut by pasting different kinds of shapes. All the kids participated enthusiastically. It was a fascinating and an enjoyable activity. This activity enhanced their manual dexterity and produced a decorative end product.


Talent Hunt
It was a fun filled session for the little buttercups of the Nursery Class in which the kids displayed their different talent in Talent Hunt activity. This enjoyable activity was conducted on 30th Oct. 2018. It was a day to search for budding talents. The confidence that the kids showed was exemplary. The kids were eager to participate and it was a delight to view them. The activity was an interesting way to assess their intonation, clarity and pronunciation. The activity concluded with each kid saying I Am the Best.


Story Enactment - The Greedy Dog
Story dramatisation is a great and a fun way to cement learning. The little angels of the Nursery class, had an engrossing session of the dramatisation and enactment of the story The Greedy Dog on 31st Oct. 2018. The teachers played out the story with stick puppets and all the toddlers listened with keen interest and were really excited to know the end. The moral of the story was explained to them and they enthusiastically reacted to it and asked questions. Overall the story was enjoyed by each toddler and it was quite an educational session for all of them.