Events September 2018

All About Healthy Food
It was a fun filled learning experience for the little angels when they displayed their oratory skills in a class activity "Speak A Few Lines on Healthy Food" on 7th September 2018. The children enacted as different kinds of healthy food such as vegetables and fruits. The children were also explained the benefits of eating healthy food and keeping healthy eating habits.


Learning About Daily Use Items
An activity on things used in the bathroom was conducted for the Pre-Nursery students on 11th September 2018. The kids were taught about different items that are used in the bathroom such as Towel, Soap, Tooth paste, Bucket and Mug etc. They were encouraged to identify various things in real life. The children were also explained their purpose and how they helped us in keeping ourselves clean.


Alphabet Recognition
To enhance Recognition Skills and develop on interest towards the subjects an activity Spell Me was organized for the tiny tots of the Nursery class on 11th September 2018. The activity was conducted using big and colourful flash card. The activity helped the students recognize each alphabet and the article associated with it. All the children were eager to answer with the correct alphabet, when the teacher held up the flash card, and enjoyed the activity thoroughly.


Rhyme Enactment
Enacting rhyme has a positive influence on children, as it helps in their cognitive development. Rhyme enactment transforms complex learning into a simpler form. A Rhyme Enactment activity was organized for the Nursery kids on 12th September 2018. The rhyme enacted was Circus Ka Joker. The tiny toddlers enjoyed themselves throughout the activity. By the end of the session children were delighted and clearly understood the moral of the rhyme.


An enthralling and exciting activity took place for the little ones on 12th September 2018. The Tug-O-War activity began with great zeal and enthusiasm amongst the young toddlers, when the little feet stepped into the arena. It was a treat to watch them pulling the rope towards their side. A fun filled day ended with an enriching experience for the little ones.


Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Lord Ganesha, who is the symbol of wisdom and the remover of obstacles. This festival is also known as Ganesha Utsav which translates to the Festival of Ganesh. The School celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi on 13th September 2018 with immense joy and happiness. The tiny tots came to School dressed as Lord Ganesha, Goddess Parvati, Nandi ji and Lord Shiva and were looking fascinating. The kids participated in the festival and greeted each other. The students performed Ganesh Pooja followed by a melodious devotional song. The whole atmosphere was charged with festivity. The program concluded with an Aarti recital and chants of Ganpati Bappa Morya. Ladoos and fruits were offered as Parshad which were also distributed amongst the children and the staff.


Rhyme Enactment
The children of the Pre-Nursery presented enactments of the Hindi Rhyme Billi Maussi. The children spoke with confidence and their colourful costumes enhanced their performances multi-fold. The children participated in the activity with enthusiasm and surprised all with their energetic presentations.


I Love Vegetables
Nutrition Green Vegetables play an essential part in our daily diet, keeping us healthy and fit. To develop a habit of eating green vegetables an activity entitled “Benefits of Green Benefits” was conducted on 25th Sep, 2018. The kids were asked to bring their favourite green vegetable to School and share them with their friends and were also informed about the importance of benefits of green vegetables over the junk food. The day ended with the little lots learning healthy eating habits and developing a positive attitude towards green vegetables.


Hindi Rhyme Recitation
A Hindi Rhyme Recitation activity was held on 27th Sep, 2018. The children recited different Hindi rhymes that they had learnt in Class. Such activities help the children in their overall development like confidence building, personality development, overcoming stage fright etc. It also helps children in learning correct pronunciation and understanding the language. The children enjoyed this activity and participated with great enthusiasm. The best orators were awarded with appreciation certificates.


Blue Colour Day
The inquisitive minds of the young learners keep exploring whatever comes their way. Forming the right concept at this age is a key to knowledge. Colour recognition skills are important to build during the early childhood. Having a Colour theme day is a great way to introduce Colour to the toddlers. The children of the Pre-Nursery class came dressed in all shades of blue observing Blue Colour Day on 28th Sep, 2018. The display board was decorated with blue coloured items and the children learnt the concept of colour blue. And they made beautiful blue paper flowers with the help of the teacher.